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chapter 1 overview

test for introduction

1、how many times should the bacterium be amplified to be visible under the macroscope ?

chapter 2 morphology and structures of bacteria

2.1 bacteria morphology and basic structure随堂测验

1、which is the measurement unit of bacteria?

2、which is the major chemical component of cellwall of the gram positive bacteria?
    c、teichoic acid

2.2 specific structure of bacteria随堂测验

1、which structure is related to the motivation of the bacteria?
    a、common pilus

test for morphology and structures of bacteria

1、which is the measurement unit of bacteria?

2、which is the major chemical component of cellwall of the gram positive bacteria?
    c、teichoic acid

3、which structure is related to the motivation of the bacteria?
    a、common pilus

4、which description about the cell wall of the g(-) bacterium is wrong?
    a、the content of peptidoglycan is little
    b、lack of the bridege of 5-peptite
    c、insensitive to penicilin
    d、the content of peptidoglycan is much

5、which is the mechanism of bacterioclasis of antalzyme ?
    a、to interfere protein synthesis of bacteria
    b、to interfere the dna replication of the bacteria
    c、to damage permeability of the bacteria’s cellular membrane
    d、to damage β—1,4 glucosidic bond of peptidoglycan framework

chapter 3 physiology of bacteria

test for physiology of bacteria

1、in which period of the bacteria’s growth cycle is most sensitive to the antibiotics?
    a、lag phase
    b、logarithmic phase
    c、stationary phase
    d、decline phase

2、most bacteria growing in the liquid medium appear following phenomenon, except become

3、on the solid medium,one bacterium proliferate into one group , which is called

4、to study biological character of the bacterium ,which phase of its growth cycle should be selected?
    a、lag phase
    b、logarithmic phase
    c、stationary phase
    d、decline phase

5、which of the following is the synthesized metabolites of bacterium
    d、methyl red

chapter 4 disinfection and sterilization

test for disinfection and sterilization

1、sterilization method of milk, beer etc is ( )
    a、autoclave sterilization
    c、ultraviolet disinfection
    d、filtration sterilization

2、the most frequently used method to kill bacterial spore is ( )
    a、ultraviolet disinfection
    b、broil sterilization
    c、fractional sterilization
    d、autoclave sterilization

3、sterilization is ( )
    a、to kill all microorganism of object surface
    b、to kill pathogenic microorganism of object suface
    c、to inhibit growth and breeding of microorganism
    d、to kill bacterial vegetative form

4、for moist heat sterilization, the best method is ( )
    a、autoclave sterilization
    b、steam sterilization
    d、boiling method

5、in alcohol disinfection, the best concentration is ( )

chapter 5 genetics of bacteria

test for genetics of bacteria

1、which form is transformation ( )
    a、genetic substance was transmitted from donor bacterium to receptor bacterium by f pilus
    b、genetic substance was transmitted from donor bacterium to receptor bacterium by vector phage
    c、free dna segment from donor bacterium directly was ingested into receptor bacterium
    d、prophage was integrated into bacterial chromosome

2、which choice is correct description about the character of bacterial plasmid ( )
    a、plasmid is extrachromosomal element
    b、plasmid is a special dna sequence in bacterial chromosome
    c、plasmid couldn't be transmitted between bacterium by pilus
    d、plasmid control all biological functions of bacteria

3、transduction is ( )
    a、to transfer the bacterial chromosome
    b、mediated by f pilus
    c、mediated by r-plasmid
    d、mediated by phage

4、which type of cell is phage invaded ( )
    a、human t cell
    b、bacteria cell
    d、bird species rbc

5、what is structure of phage ( )
    a、a litte peptidoglycan
    b、a semipermeable membrane
    c、one type of nucleic acid packaged by protein
    d、form metachromatic granules in bacterium

chapter 6 pathogenesis of bacterial infection and host defense

test for pathogenesis of bacterial infection and host defense

1、which structure can help bacterium to settle down in host ( )
    a、metachromatic granules

2、which description about bacterial endotoxin is correct ( )
    a、chemical composition is protein
    b、can stimulate body to produce neutralizing antibody
    c、only produced by gram-negative bacterium
    d、easy to be degraded when heated

3、because of powerful resistance, the host did not appear obvious clinical symptom, which is called ( )
    a、acute infection
    b、endogenous infection
    c、carrier state
    d、subclinical infection

4、the toxicity of endotoxin refer to ( )
    a、specific polysaccharides
    c、core polysaccharide
    d、lipide a

5、the pathogenicity of bacterium is determied mainly by ( )
    a、basic structure
    b、specific structure
    d、invasiveness and toxin
    e、invade position

chapter 8 pathogenic coccus

test for pathogenic coccus

1、the important surface antigen of staphylococci is ( )
    a、protein m
    b、vi antigen
    d、ot antigen

2、the common classification of staphylococci according to ( )
    a、whether produce spa or not
    b、different biochemical event and pigments
    c、k antigen of cell surface
    d、lactose fermenters

3、the test commonly used for distinguishing alpha hemolytic streptococcus from pneumococcus is ( )
    a、antistreptolysin o test
    b、mannitol decomposition test
    c、weil-felix reaction
    d、bile solubility test

4、the disease caused by alpha hemolytic streptococcus is ( )
    c、subacute infective endocarditis
    d、epidemic typhus

5、the pathogenic material produced by beta streptococcus , which is related to allergic disorder, is ( )
    d、m protein

chapter 9 enterobacteriaceae

test for enterobacteriaceae

1、the test used to identify pathogenic bacteria from unpathogenic bacteria is
    b、ureolysis test
    c、h2s test
    d、lactose-fermentation test

2、the general selective medium of bacterium entericum
    b、ss medium
    c、sabouraud medium
    d、korthof medium

3、which of the following about e coli is wrong
    a、can decompose lactose and produce gas
    b、haveflagella ,dynamia
    c、allareconditional pathogenic bacteria
    d、have important significancein sanitary bacteriology

4、medium used for feces isolating culture of suspected bacillary dysentery patients is
    a、bouillon culture-medium
    b、ss medium
    c、alkalitypeptone water
    d、chocolate plate

5、which of the following bacterium entericum don’t have flagella
    c、dysentery bacillus
    d、e coli

chapter 10 vibrio

test for vibrio

1、pathogenic material of vibrio cholerae is
    d、invasive enzyme

2、which of the following bacterium shuttling like fish under microscope is
    a、vibrio cholerae
    b、typhoid bacillus
    c、bacillus termo
    d、e coli
    e、dysentery bacillus

3、pathogenic characteristics of vibrio parahaemolyticus is
    a、cause septemia
    b、infect babies and kids
    c、cause pyogenic infection
    d、cause food poison
    e、none of the above

4、the medium used to culture vibrio cholerae is
    a、alkaline peptide water
    b、ss medium including bile salt
    c、hyperosmosis medium
    d、medium including animal serum
    e、chocolate plate

5、the bacterium caused bacteremia is
    a、e coli
    b、bacillus typhi
    c、dysentery bacillus
    d、vibrio cholerae

chapter 11 anaerobic bacteria

test for anaerobic bacteria

1、the characteristic of clostridium tetani spores is to make the bacteria present
    a、tennis racket form
    b、drumstick form
    c、bamboonode form

2、the characteristic of clostridium tetani spores is
    a、lateral single flagella
    b、bilateral flagella
    c、peritrichous flagella
    d、no flagella
    e、with capsule

3、clostridium perfringens growing in milk medium can produce
    a、stormy fermentation phenomenon
    b、string-of-beads change of the bacteria
    d、fried egg colonies
    e、transport phenomena

4、specific treatment of tetanus is to apply
    e、tetanus vaccine

5、which of the following statement is not the characteristic of bacillus botulinus
    a、botulinus toxin is the strongest poison known
    b、botulinus toxin actat cholinergic nerve endings,inhibit release of ach
    c、ingest of botulinus toxin cause lamziekte
    d、g , it have spores,capsule
    e、the death rate of botulism is high

chapter 12 mycobacterium

test for mycobacterium

1、the skin test to detect whether the person have immunity of tuberculosis bacillus is
    a、ot test
    b、anti o test
    c、widal test
    d、weil-felix reaction

2、the reason of strong resistance power to bacillus tuberculosis is
    a、high lipid in bacillus tuberculosis
    b、sandwich of spore
    c、capsule is thicker than other bacteria
    d、none of above

3、the characteristics of tuberculosis immunity is
    a、humoral immunity acted mainly
    b、can eradicate bacillus tuberculosis in body
    c、disease, immunity and iv type hypersensitivity are simultaneous
    d、immunity is weak

4、how long bacillus tuberculosis grow into visible colonies?

5、bacillus leprae belong to
    b、bacterium entericum

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