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unit 1 email writing


1、we shouldn’t use all capitals in writing an email.

2、subjects like “hello”, “enquiry” or “latest info” are appropriate in email writing.

3、it is acceptable to leave the subject field blank in email communication.

unit 2 small ads, notices and instructions


1、in the given situation, which one of the instructions is correct? the left handle has to be turned to the right, and then the right handle has to be turned to the left.
    a、turn the handles left and right
    b、turn the left handle to the right, then turn the right handle to the left
    c、turn both handles in the opposite directions
    d、turn the left handle to the left, then turn the right handle to the right

2、in the given situation, which one of the instructions is correct? having pressed the blue button, you have to enter the code, and then press the red button.
    a、press the blue and red buttons and enter the code
    b、enter the code, then press the red button, and finally press the blue button
    c、press the blue button, then enter the code. finally, press the red button
    d、press the red button, then enter the code. finally, press the blue button

3、in the given situation, which one of the instructions is correct? the water has to be boiled before you add the sugar.
    a、boil the sugar before you add the water
    b、boil water and sugar
    c、put the sugar in the water and boil it
    d、boil the water first, then add the sugar


1、请用英文拟定一份主题班会通知。 通知的发布方为学生工作办公室,发布日期为4月6日,具体联系人为徐老师,联系电话0731-88879119。通知要求每个班级在4月份召开以“消防安全教育”为主题的班会,全体同学必须参加。班会上先观看一个时长30分钟的指定视频,然后每个同学做一个3分钟以内的简短发言。

unit 3 forms and online forms


1、acronyms are made from the first letter (or letters) of a string of words but are pronounced as if they were words themselves.

2、all acronyms are abbreviations, but not all abbreviations are acronyms.

3、in english, n/a stands for not applicable.

unit 4 cover letter and reference letter


1、the difference between a block format and an indented format is that in a block format, every component is left-aligned while in an indented format, every component has an indentation.

2、unlike the rest of an application, a reference letter provides information about the candidate from an outside source

3、a cover letter is not as formal as a reference letter.

unit 5 cv and personal statement


1、which is the best description in a personal statement?
    a、in the first project i managed, i learned many valuable lessons about the importance of teamwork.
    b、in the first project i managed, i made an effort to incorporate all my colleagues as equal members of a team, soliciting their feedback and deferring to their expertise as needed.
    c、in the first project i managed, i presented my strength in cooperating with others very well.
    d、in the first project i managed, i made full use of the advantages of teamwork.

2、what do you have to prepare before writing a personal statement?
    a、application questions
    b、word processor
    d、proof reader

3、which information should not be included in the education section of a cv?
    a、a thesis or dissertation title
    b、your academic skills
    c、your degrees
    d、your favourite subjects at school


1、direction: suppose you are a senior student, write a cv to stanford universtiy to apply for a graduate program.

unit 6 note-taking and summary-writing


1、what are the benefits of taking notes in lectures?
    a、keeping you alert.
    b、engaging your mind.
    c、emphasizing and organizing information.
    d、creating a condensed record for study.

2、what are the advantages of the outlining note-taking method?
    a、it’s a well-organized system if done right.
    b、it outlines contents as well as relationships.
    c、it reduces the work of editing.
    d、it’s easy to review by turning main points.

3、a good summary is supposed to possess the following characteristics.


1、read the given passage and take notes by filling in the 5 blanks in the chart. mixed and single-sex grouping in secondary schools in the field of mental development, it has long been apparent that girls mature more rapidly in single-sex secondary schools as they do physically, at least up to the age of fourteen or so. yet in mixed schools, girls are presented with the same intellectual diet as boys, despite their different appetites. the loss of valuable learning time and resultant frustration are accepted by teachers in the interests of 'civilization': 'the boys need girls around', they will say, 'they're such a civilizing influence!' this argument might hold good after sixteen when the boys have, as it were, caught up to some extent. before this, the girl and boy groups in a class are usually so polarized that mixing may even exacerbate aggression(加剧攻击性). on the emotional score, there seem to be distinct advantages in segregation. both boys and girls become emotionally supercharged at this stage, but again, the girl's emotional drives put her at a relative disadvantage in the mixed classroom, especially if she is bright. whilst bright boys are driven to argue and assert themselves and to be intellectually ambitious, bright girls are torn by the desperate need to be attractive (doubly desperate if they sense that they are ugly) and to play down their own intellectual abilities. if they choose to suppress instinct and instead assume an independent, achieving role, they will be ostracized(排斥) both by boys and by other girls. if they can be in single-sex school for academic learning, and spend leisure (social-learning) hours in mixed company, it seems that girls may be able to be true both to their intellectual potential and to their emotional drives. single-sex schooling (女子学校) co-educational schooling (男女同校) advantages girls mature rapidly 1.___________________; bright boys being intellectually ambitious; disadvantages 2.____________________; 3.____________________; 4.____________________; 5.____________________.

unit 7 research proposal writing


1、the background study of a research proposal includes previous studies and current information surrounding the issue.

2、writing a literature review lets you gain and demonstrate skills in information seeking and critical appraisal.

3、while gathering information, you ought to jot down full bibliographical information, for an article without bibliographical information is useless since you cannot cite its source.

unit 8 survey and survey report


1、what are the principles for developing a good survey questionnaire?
    a、clearly state your intentions with the survey.
    b、include instructions with your survey questionnaire.
    c、order questions and present them in an organized layout.
    d、test the survey questionnaire.

2、the introduction part of a survey report part provides_____.
    a、context to understand the background of the survey.
    b、the reasons for which the survey has been conducted.
    c、information on how the survey results are intended to be used.
    d、the survey questionnaire and other technical information.

3、in the method section, you need to explain _____.
    a、who and how many are surveyed.
    b、what questions are asked.
    c、how the survey is conducted.
    d、how the data are collected.



1、期末考试为主观题测试。请同学们在提供的3个写作题目中任选一个,根据题目要求在规定时间内完成一篇应用文题材的作文。考试时间60分钟。 考试题目 1. please try to create a fire safety instruction for your dormitory. remember to be strict with the format and you are requested to cover the following components in it: heading, introduction, body and additional information. in the additional information part, remember to include the emergency phone number on campus 88876119. 2. please write a cv according to the direction. suppose you are a senior student at central south university, named huiming li who lives on 932 yuelu road, changsha city. please write a cv to apply for a graduate program in a foreign university. your mobile phone: 18907317356; email: [email protected] 3. read the following passage and write an informative summary about the formation of a volcanic island in less than 100 words. volcanic islands islands have always fascinated the human mind. perhaps it is the instinctive response of man, the land animal, welcoming a brief intrusion of earth in the vast, overwhelming expanse of sea. when sailing in a great ocean basin, a thousand miles from the nearest continent, with miles of water beneath the ship, one may come upon an island which has been formed by a volcanic eruption under the sea. one's imagination can follow its slopes down through darkening waters to its base on the sea floor. one wonders why and how it arose there in the midst of the ocean. the birth of a volcanic island is an event marked by prolonged and violent travail: the forces of the earth striving to create, and all the forces of the sea opposing. at the place where the formation of such an island begins, the sea floor is probably nowhere more than about fifty miles thick. in it are deep cracks and fissures, the results of unequal cooling and shrinkage in past ages. along such lines of weakness the molten lava from the earth's interior presses up and finally bursts forth into the sea. but a submarine volcano is different from a terrestrial eruption, where the lava, molten rocks, and gases are hurled into the air from an open crater. here on the bottom of the ocean the volcano has resisting it all the weight of the ocean water above it. despite the immense pressure of, it may be, two or three miles of sea water, the new volcanic cone builds upwards towards the surface, in flow after flow of lava. once within reach of the waves, its soft ash is violently attacked by the motion of the water which continually washes away its upper surface, so that for a long period the potential island may remain submerged. but eventually, in new eruptions, the cone is pushed up into the air, where the lava hardens and forms a rampart against the attacks of the waves.

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